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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kepler Explorer, an Application to Explore the Space

Ever wondered what kind of planets orbiting the stars? Well, now there is an application that could help eliminate such curiosity.

Quoted from Mashable, Saturday (14/04/2012), this free application called Kepler Explorer for the iPhone and the iPad that allows users to explore the approximately two thousand planetary systems discovered by NASA's Kepler Mission. Kepler Mission to scan the Milky Way in the search for planets like Earth in size of the habitable zone of stars they orbit.

In short, the mission was to provide a basis of finding life on the planet. So far, the mission has found approximately 2300 candidate alien planet in the planetary system around the distant 1800.

Kepler Explorer application developed by a team at the University of California, Santa Cruz, led by professor of astronomy and astrophysics Jonathan Fortney. One of the purposes of this application, Fortney said, to keep more information on what is already known about the planet than the alleged hypothesis.

This application begins with a drop-down menu that lists all the planetary systems discovered by the Kepler Mission. Users can move a slider to see the planets orbit around the star respectively.

In addition, the zoom in and navigate the system provided, the user can provide more information about a specific planet and shows a comparison of the size of a planet to its parent star. When viewing a planet, the user can play by using elements such as iron, stone, water and hydrogen to combine it all with the findings of the Kepler Mission.

So far, the majority of planets found by Kepler Mission inhospitable to life. Even so Fortney believe this application will appeal to many people.

"Of course there are many people who are very interested in astronomy. In addition to medicine, astronomy is a science that must be kept in mind the public," he concluded.

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