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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Watch out Trojan Flashback Mac Attack!

Last week came news of more than 650 thousand Macs are infected with malware Trojan called 'Flashback'. Although Apple has updated the security to prevent Trojan Flashback, but still there are thousands of infected Mac computers. So what needs to be aware of this Trojan Flashback?

Although currently only Trojan with a click fraud hijack search engine results than those in their web browser, but it has the potential to do greater damage to steal important documents such as banking or login information. If the botnet will remain connected to the computer, cyber criminals can send new malware to their system that causes the problem becomes larger.

Flashback to understand the power, it is important to note that actually a Mac OS X malware family that was first created in September 2011. Designed to impersonate the Adobe Flash Player installer uses the Flash player logo. After installing Flashback, malware looking for a user name and password are stored on the Mac.

Trojan Flashback which is a variant of the malware family, was recently used to infect a computer and are controlled and distributed through a botnet called Flashfake. A botnet or network of computers infected by malicious software that is controlled as a group and are designed to make fraudulent clicks. It's a common thing to do penjaht cyber campaign to take advantage of the 'pay-per-click' with the advertising companies.

"Flashback Versions prior to relying on malware and social engineering tricks to attempt to steal user information," said the head of security experts from antivirus software provider Kaspersky Lab, Alex Gostev as reported by Mashable, Thursday (12/04/2012).

"However, to date the most recent variant is controlled by the botnet Flashfake only be used for fraudulent clicks. The main difference is the Trojan Flashback can be installed directly into the user's computer by exploiting Java vulnerabilities," he added.

According to Kaspersky Lab, although there are no other dangerous activities of which have been infected by a Trojan, but the risk is important because it functions as a downloader malware on users' computers. This means that cyber criminals behind Flashfake can easily update the malware that can steal confidential information such as the passwrod or credit card details and install it onto the infected machine.

Meanwhile, Apple is aware of infection Trojan Flashback is going to act to develop a tool to detect and remove Trojan that has infected more than half a million Mac computers.

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