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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Opera 12 wahoo, the latest generation of Opera with the latest features

Opera 12 comes with a number of features in it refreshment. In the beta edition which was given the code name 'Wahoo', these features were already introduced. Here are 8 of them:

1. Themes
Themes gives you an easy way to change the look of the Opera browser according to your taste or mood. Select the new themes and voila, a new browser view you have to wait. To try out themes in Opera 12, visit

Themes are also easy to make. If you want to try, learn here:

2. Separate processes for the Plug-ins

Plug-ins are a major cause of instability browser, so Opera try to give them a separate process. This way, when the plug-in crashes is expected to have no effect on your Opera browser.

3. Faster and smarter

Opera claims to have increased the speed by optimizing the network code loading SSL and use the tab that is smarter to accelerate the start-up and shut-down at the Opera 12. How fast and smart? Please jajal own.

4. Camera support
Opera 12 shows some new tricks that are available for web developers with support getUserMedia API that allows web applications to use the hardware as an embedded web camera on your computer. To try out the free demo, click here:
• Photo Booth (
• Polaroid (
• Color Picker (
• Explode (

5. Local page in the browser

What if a web page can look like a book with pages that can be automatically formatted on screen size? What if just need a few lines of CSS code?

The project formerly known as the Reader Opera, but Opera opened to standardize as CSS3 Generated Content for Paged Media. Find here:

6. New safety
Opera 12 is claimed to be safer. In addition, this browser diumbar also become easier for users to understand the security and privacy provisions of the sites visited. Claimed users can quickly see if a site uses the location information or would like to turn your web camera.

7. Learn a New Language

Opera 12 will come in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Hebrew, thanks to new support and an updated interface for the script right-to-left.

8. Extensions are extended
Opera Platform extensions are also said to be more powerful with the introduction of Windows and Tabs APIs that allow extensions to control the browser window and tab. .

Another interesting thing:
• 64-bit version for Mac and Windows.
• Support the Do Not Track header.
• CSS3 animations and transitions.
• HTML5 Drag and Drop.
• Supports Cors (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).
• Opt-in hardware acceleration and WebGL.

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