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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Countries with Fastest Internet Connection in the World

Which country has the world's fastest internet connection? The study of Akamai may be a picture.

Akamai is a company that collects data on Internet usage globally. Through the report "State of the Internet", Akamai signed up which countries have the fastest internet connection.

Here's a list of seven countries with the most connections in the racing world, as quoted by the Huffington Post, Thursday (05/04/2012):

European countries are known for its watch, according to Akamai has an average connection speed of 7.3 Mbps. Fast enough to support the online activity. While the number of Internet users in the range of 5.8 million.

Czech Republic
Czech Republic have internet connection speeds average 7.4 Mbps. Czech Republic is quite advanced connectivity problem in which this country has the largest Wi-Fi customers in the European Union.

Residents of a small European country is allowed to feel satisfied with the speed of internet is available in the country. According to Akamai, the connection is there an average of 8.2 Mbps.

As one of the developed countries, do not be surprised if the internet connection in the land of Windmills are quite capable. Ie in the range of 8.5 Mbps. As many as 92% of the Dutch population have internet connection at home.

With a 8.9 Mbps connection speed, the population in the State Sakura can surf in cyberspace with ease. Not surprising really since Japan is known as one of the world's technology centers.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong has recorded an average connection speed of 10.3 Mbps. China region that was once a former British colony now has about 4.9 million internet users.

South Korea
As a country with the fastest internet connection in the world, South Korea should be proud. Quite amazing really because there internet speeds in the range of 13.8 Mbps.

Was that countries with the fastest internet connection speed. What about your country?

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thomas said...

Wow!That's high speed,a lot of us are still crawling.

Tebinfea said...

Hello my friend.
Good Sunday.
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