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Friday, April 20, 2012

Google Drive, Serious Threat to Dropbox and Box

The launch of Google Drive can be called living matter of days. Online data storage service or cloud storage from Google is rumored to be release later this April.

This news was worried Dropbox and Box, because they will meet a large company with a myriad of services.

Since beginning to be developed in 2007, Dropbox is now one of the most popular cloud services. Moreover, Dropbox has accessibility across devices and different operating systems. From personal computers to smartphones. From the Mac, Windows to Android.

This value is more Dropbox, not only serves as iCloud Mac users and IOS.

Then the Box, a company pioneering Internet-based (startup) that focus on the corporate market. These companies often make innovations to facilitate users.

OneCloud is one excellent feature that lets users synchronize data third-party applications on mobile devices.

By Andrew Reichman, an analyst with Forrester, Dropbox and Box had been meeting the needs of consumers and businesses. However, he argued, they would soon meet a tough competitor.

Google insiders told technology website The Next Web, the Google Drive will provide 5GB of online storage service for free.

Box also provides a capacity of 5GB for free to users, but Dropbox, a free 2GB only.

As cloud services in general, Google will implement a freemium system, which allows users to pay some money to increase data storage capacity online.

Well, according to Reichman, herein lies the superiority of Google. "It is very difficult battle with Google about the price," he said.

Although not yet known what is the price that will be priced Google for additional storage capacity, but Google is likely to fix the price cheaper.

Moreover, Google would be integrating Google Drive with the rest of their service. For those already familiar with GMail or Google Docs, clearly tempted by Google Drive.

Reichman believes, the only weakness of Google Drive is in a closed ecosystem. "Google probably will not integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint and Exchange. Although it can be integrated with third-party applications, the Google Drive will not open," Reichman said that the opinion is based on the history of Google services.

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