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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Price of PlayStation 3 will be Down?

To improve their financial situation, Sony is expected to begin to change the strategy, one with a PlayStation 3 price cuts.

Huge losses suffered by the Japanese electronics giant Sony to force it to immediately make corrections business strategy. There are three areas to be focused in order to rise again to conquer the world, one of which is a console game.

Later scored the PlayStation 3's sales continue to rise, but still not able to overtake his best-selling Xbox 360 worldwide.

According to analysts from research institutes Baird, Colin Sebastian, Sony should immediately lower the price of PlayStation 3. Not just for the console outselling the Xbox 360, but also to restore the financial situation.

"Sony in a difficult position, they've lost interest in the various business lines such as television and computers and now they have to invest to develop the next game console," says Sebastian.

Previously Kazuo Hirai, Sony's new CEO, had confirmed that his company would increasingly focus on developing a range of PlayStation to master the game industry. So to achieve that goal, Sebastian suggested that Sony should cut the price of the console.

"I think the price of the PlayStation 3 needs to be reduced again, and Sony should be the first with a new generation of consoles," said Sebastian, as quoted from the Game Industry, Saturday (14/04/2012).

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