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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Create a Panorama Photo in Android with Application "360"

Lovers of photography must have been familiar with the term panorama photo presented with the impression of width.

How to make it is the photographer standing in one spot and take pictures in quick succession and then "stitched" with special programs.

The problem, create a panoramic picture is not as easy as the theory. Pictures taken should ensure consistency when sewn later.

Similarly, the camera settings must be considered given the image that one could have been much brighter because of his exposure settings different from the other pictures.

Some brands of cameras, including the type of compact cameras, includes a panorama feature that we can make a panoramic picture with the guidance in the camera, unfortunately the sewing process is still being done separately with its own applications on the computer.

The gap is filled by the application of "360" made by TeliportMe, a studio based in the United States. Application "360" aims to create panoramas for the owner of the Android mobile platform is easy and simple.

For those interested, applications can be downloaded for free at Google Play from this link.

Mechanism of this application in making panoramic photos simply requires the owner of the phone to expose the phone vertically, then rotate slowly clockwise.

When completed rotates 360 degrees, the application will automatically stitch all the images taken and we live to enjoy the panorama that has been made. For those who want to create a panorama of less than 360 degrees, just touch the screen when taking pictures and applications will stitch images that have been obtained.

The end result is an image panorama that can be played on the phone screen with the touch of a finger only. The result can then be distributed to social media like Twitter and Facebook. Not only that, the 360 ​​also provides a social feature that all registered users can upload their panoramas and can be seen that the other users.

As such, they can see and comment on the panorama created by users from around the world.

Rotating body

Vineet Devaiah, CEO Teliportme, in an interview with Reuters, saying that the application is made so that everyone can make a panorama yourself without having to have the ability of photography and image stitching software for existing.

Application that was launched in August 2011 has now been used 200 000 users from around the world, dominated by users from the United States. "In Indonesia there are about 10,000 registered users," he said.

When Compass tested this application, it takes time to get used to the wear. Often the panoramic image can not be consistent because when the body rotates, the camera height can be changed much less rely on hand.

In addition, when spinning too fast, the result will be a blurry picture. Taking a panoramic view of the crowd of people going to attract attention because we are holding the phone to the front and then spinning.

Vineet said, it takes practice to produce a panorama with a sharp image. He suggested to take place panoramas in a bright and relatively minimal disruption so that the user can spin comfortably.

In this application there is also a selection of high quality images or high quality. High quality requires us to turn even more slowly to produce high resolution images.

Vineet suggest, if not familiar, it's better to choose high quality because it is relatively easy for most users.

Vineet said, he wanted to create a forum that brings the person who documented the surrounding neighborhood through panoramic images.

Thus, everyone can see how the atmosphere or the environment in other places without having to go there. Panorama image could be more telling because as if the user is there and look around.

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