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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Evernote, Application Notes to Remember Everything

Application requirements for records affairs can no longer can rely on the default application, as it is full of limitations. For business, application notes are needed to support the activities and productivity.

Fortunately, there are applications that help businesses Evernote to remember everything. This application can be run on personal computers, smartphones and tablets as well as Android-based IOS.

Evernote developed by Evernote Corp, already known as a popular recording application notes. Any text can be formatted to be typed in bold (bold), slanted (italic), and the underscore (underline). Each paragraph can be sorted by numbers and bullet points.

Not only the text notes, Evernote can be used to record all the activity in each meeting, because it can record audio and video, as well as taking photos.

In fact, Evernote can dictate what you say into text. Evernote ability is very helpful to record the great ideas.

If you are brainstorming with the team and write down your ideas and suggestions on the white board, you can take photos with a white board Evernote to remember everything later in life.

What is also interesting from Evernote, you can paint with your finger, mouse, or pen stylus. You simply download Skitch, which is an application to draw from Evernote. Its features are also quite rich.

All file notes in Evernote, including the drawing file with a finger, can be marked (tagged) with certain words to make it easier when users search for files.

What about files that are stored? Evernote storage media based on cloud computing, where you can store data on hard disk online Evernote. Thus, the user can open the file notes of any device with just one account Evernote for any internet connection.

Such as cloud-based applications in general, every note in Evernote Evernote can be distributed to other users.

Evernote can be downloaded for free at Google's Play for Android and App Store for IOS devices. And do not forget, fill you with Skitch Evernote is also available on the App Store and Google Play.

Congratulations to remember everything with Evernote!

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