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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Use Facebook, Paycento Simplify How to Pay "Online"

Internet has to rest on the position of the print media, especially newspapers. Many newspapers are trying to get money from the articles that they broadcast in online media.

However, there are concerns that make visitors "run." Ask visitors to do the full registration just seems a bit difficult.

A start-up companies from Belgium, named Paycento, trying to provide solutions to the newspaper by making online payment system is just a click away.

With this system also named Paycento, Internet users can pay a single article without having to fill out a form or enter credit card details on the sites visited.

They make use of social networks Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote the sale of articles in the newspaper. The operating system if a user has Paycento accounts, which are then linked into account these three social networking sites.

So, to read an article or go to a paid online media, users no longer need to fill in the complete data. Enough with your Facebook account, Twitter or LinkedIn.

"Social networking sites have become the true identity of the provider," said Pieter Dubois Paycento founder told Reuters.

Paycento promises a cheap and easy payment. Very similar to the way internet users clicking the "Share" or "Tweet" to distribute an article to a social networking account.

"The payment is really easy, one click payments on the internet," said Dubois, who is a former IBM computer company executive.

He added that payment rates can vary depending on the provisions of the publisher and entrepreneur.

Currently, several large European publishers are testing the beta version Paycento technology. Dubois Paycento promising full version will be released in late June, or no later than July 2012.

Paycento not only used to boost newspaper sales, but also all the products are oppressed because of the existence of the Internet, such as music become slow because of illegal downloading.

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