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Monday, April 9, 2012

Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5, which is more powerful?

Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 will probably undergo a fierce fight this in 2012. Two that have been anticipated smartphone is said to be launched at the close.

Recent leaked Galaxy S III showed a formal invitation that may come from Samsung. Launch time is listed in the city of London on May 22, 2012. There has been no confirmation from Samsung, but once they've made sure the Galaxy S III was introduced in mid-year.

"Successor to Galaxy S II will be revealed at a separate event in the first half of Samsung this year, adjacent to the availability of commercial products," Samsung said in a statement some time ago.

Well, the iPhone 5 is said to be released shortly thereafter. A rumor blog reveals that mention the iPhone 5 will be released on 15 June. This news is getting stronger after people in Foxconn, Apple's manufacturing partners confirmed the issue.

According to sources, it is true Foxconn job opening for the workers as much as possible, which he reached 18 thousand jobs. This was done to pursue the production of iPhone 5 to be released next June.

"(A massive recruitment) was done because it will be sold in June," said the source to respond to questions about the iPhone 5, which is quoted by TV Tokyo interview.

From the specification that has been rumored tight, Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 will bring the latest features. Galaxy S III for example, is rumored to use quad core processors and high-definition screen.

If it is true both released close together, presumably interesting to see who is more powerful and who is more attractive to the lovers of technology. Who will win this fight?

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