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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Sharing 'Kernel'

Operating system Windows Phone 8 (WP8) will have a core program (kernel) is equal to 8 for Windows desktop and tablet computers. The goal is to unite the Windows operating system franchise of any type of device.

That way, users can have the choice of device (smartphone, tablet) are more numerous and can more easily use the same application on several different devices.

Microsoft hopes to use the same core program of the Windows operating system on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablet will facilitate developers in creating applications that can run on any platform with minimal adjustments apply.

The move is intended as a strategy in the face of IOS and the Android platform is more mature in the mobile device industry.

Until now, Windows Phone platform that only has about 100,000 applications are still lagging behind compared to Apple and Android devices that provide a number of combined application of approximately 500,000

Wednesday (6/20/2012) yesterday, Windows Phone 8 for smartphone has been officially announced by Microsoft. The operating system uses the user interface "Metro" is the same as the desktop version of Windows 8 and tablet.

Windows 8 desktop version will be released in October.

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars-including cooperation agreements with Nokia, the world's efforts to penetrate the smartphone market. Until now, Microsoft has managed to grab global market share by 2 percent, compared to Android which has a mastery of 56 percent and Apple with 23 percent.

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